Contract Assembly - we make, you sell

JJWTech, Inc. offers customized contract assembly operations for emergency and survival kits to resellers that want to sell, but do not have the ability to set up their own assembly operation.

Using us as your contract assembler for emergency kits is easy because we have the warehouse set up and we have components and kit contents available available in our product lineup.

We have established relationships with wholesale suppliers and manufacturers that provides us with access to emergency and survival kit components that can be used to assemble your specific kits as well.

How does it work?

1) you specify the kit contents and we work together to finalize the item list and pricing.
2) you place your orders with us and we assemble your emergency kits at agreed-upon quantities
3) We ship the emergency kits to your location where you store and ship as you receive orders via your website or other sales channels you utilize.
4) When your inventory starts running low, you simply reorder and we replenish your inventory.

To further discuss our contract assembly services, please contact or call us so we can find out what you specific needs and requirements are.

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